Friday, February 5, 2010

My first week at PSU

Well I have completed my first week of my  at Portland State University with the Undergraduate and MAsters students who are investigating Art and Social Practice, with Harrell Fletcher.

It has been a really interesting week. I have sat in on 3 classes, 2 X undergraduate and 1 X masters, also a public lecture series this week featured George Kuchar prolific video and film maker from Sam Fan.

I have written down a lot of notes and have myself lots of questions, and am saving some up to ask Harrell. But interestingly the undergad's are working with applied participatory research as their focus, with some set assignments and art groups they need to research and do a class presentation and the post-grads basically meet like a group of collaborators, do some admin, share their latest work with each other, do some physical activity - like play a game, and then work towards group showings.

Harrell has an interesting teaching technique he did say who his inspiration was, ill find a link and he is very knowledgeable. I am looking forward to being able to talk with him about his work and his process of making his work.

The students have been very generous and kind to me especially the masters and also friends of friends, who have graduated the program.

This work is making me realise that i do like intention in my process and outcomes and I do like to engage the people I am working with as the drivers, and sometimes I think this means explaining what I do is hard to do. Will keep working on this concept.

Also playing around with concepts of The Good Suburb and also the Boogieman in terms of my bigger project - if anyone has any good material on that stuff please email me.

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